Attend the Plant Improvement Technologies Congress: Breeding and Phenotyping, taking place March 30-31, 2016 in North Carolina, and learn about the integration of phenotyping approaches, genomic research, and data analyses for practical application in the plant science field.

Hear from scientists who are leaders in high-throughput phenotyping, field-level phenomics, genomic selection, gene editing, crop modelling, data analysis & integration, and other areas of plant improvement, share their success stories and determine how these advancements will ultimately have a practical impact on industry.

Key session topics include:

  • Traditional Breeding
  • Genomic Selection
  • Genome Editing Technologies
  • Plant Breeding from a Physiologist Perspective
  • Field-Based Phenomics & Sensor Engineering
  • High Throughput Phenotyping
  • Data Analysis
  • Agricultural Genomics – Applications

Not only will you have the rare opportunity to hear first-hand from those at the frontline of research, we will be holding poster sessions for PhD students.